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What was the name of Facebook before it was called The Facebook

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it was Facebook!

How Facebook started?
Facebook today was created by a Mr. Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm. He originally called it The Facebook before changing the name and moving to California

What is Aston merrygolds Facebook name?
He does have facebook,his name on it is Aston Merrygoldz and yes it is real because it is verified and checked by facebook and marvins facebook is called Icanmake Yabed Rock and it is verified and checked by facebook too, and i have no idea about reesh and jb.

What was harry facebook name before he deleted it?
harry nugget styles

What is Harry Styles' name on facebook?
Before he deleted it it was Harry_Nugget_Styles.

Does Harry Styles have a faceebook?
He did have a facebook before the X-Factor and his name on facebook is "Harry Nugget Styles" now we don't know if he does have a facebook because there are millions of people who named their FB Harry Nugget Styles and he can make a facebook account that doesnt have his name on it...

What was harry styles facebook name before he deleted it?
Harry Nugget Styles

Why do you type the at symbol before a person's name on Facebook and blogs?
On Facebook you add the @ symbol before a person's name because then you can choose his/her name from your friends list and their name will be tagged in your status and they will notified. Other people will be able to click on the name in your post and get to your friend's profile page. On blogs the @ symbol may refer to a Twitter handle.

What is it called when people make a Facebook using someone elses name?
Fraud, it is illegal, and you will be pushed off Facebook if caught doing it.

If you change your name on Facebook will it delete all of your tagged photos?
No, it'll just use the same name as you had before.

Does he have a name on facebook called mindless Princeton yall?
nope! all fakess!

How can you change your alternate name on Facebook If I try it in the Account Settings it says your alternate name has not been saved You must provide your full name?
Facebook is denying you this change no matter how many times you try it. I had changed mine before and they gave me such a hard time with it..took days... but it's probably because you had changed your real name before.

What was the name of the man who invented Facebook?
the man who invented Facebook is called Mark Zuckerberg, he had the idea for Facebook and then a friend of his Edwardo Someone gave him the money. for more information watch The Social Network.

What is a Facebook name?
A facebook name is the name of a facebook user (Example: Jane Doe)

Facebook account but no one can find you when they enter your name Why is that?
It's called privacy settings!

What was the name of the predecessor site to Facebook from its co-developer?
The site was called Facemash.

How do you highlight the names on a status on facebook?
if you add "@" this sign before a name then it will tag that man named and he will get a notification....that is the way to highlight a name...

How much did Facebook pay to get its current domain name?
Facebook was originally called "thefacebook" and was open to a network of college students, but in August 2005, the company paid $200,000 to change its domain name to facebook.com.

Is there a way to change my facebook username before 6 month allowed period?
There is no way to change your Facebook user name more than once in 6 months.

Is there a way to see who is looking at your profile on Facebook?
No. actualy yes there is .. its called ''Who stalks your facebook profile the most?'' type it up in the box above your facebook page, the same place you type someones name.

Was Facebook created before MySpace?
No Myspace was created before facebook.

What is the kids Facebook called?
the kids facebook called

Why does Facebook address me as Mary when I entered my name as Mary Kay I hate to be called Mary and if you don't stop I am getting out of Facebook?
On Facebook, it calls you whatever it thinks your first name is. For example, if your name was "Ashley fountain," then Facebook will call you Ashley. So maybe you should change the format of your name from, "Mary Kay," to, "Mary-Kay." That's really the only thing you can do. Sorry, and i hope you think of a good solution.

What was Rhodesia called before it was called Rhodesia?
It had no official name before Rhodesia.

How do you make someones name blue in facebook?
all you have to do is put an @ sign before you write their name and it ill show you a list and just click the persons name.

What was the name of the content basketball before it was called basketball?
The name of the content basketball before it was called basketball is Soccer ball

What is your name on Facebook?
Your name on facebook is your real, actual name.

What was morocco called before morocco?
Morocco used to be part of the Roman Province of Mauretania Tingitana. When Morocco fell to the Islamic Caliphate, it was relabeled as the Maghreb, which means "the Western Region". The official name of Morocco in Arabic is still "Mamlakat al-Maghreb" or "The Kingdom of the Maghreb". The name "Morocco" came into Western languages from the capital city of Morocco under the Almoravids, Almohads, 인터넷바카라사이트 and Sa'adians: Marrakesh, which in Arabic is Morraksh.

What is the name of the movie that talks about the creation of facebook?
I think its called The Social Network, and was made in 2010.

Was MySpace created before Facebook?
Yes Myspace was created before facebook.

What is the person name who found Facebook?
mark zukerberg discovered the facebook in 2004 .the first name of facebook is "The Facebook".

What were Hoosiers called before they were called Hoosiers?
They were called the Hoosier Complex before changing their name to The Hoosiers.

When did the Facebook website go live on the internet?
The Facebook website went live on the internet on February 4, 2004. Originally it was called 'The Facebook' but eventually dropped 'the' from it's name. It now has over 1 billion users.

What was slipknot name before slipknot?
before they where called painface. Then Andres took that name.

What was Vietnam called before Vietnam?
No. Vietnam has a former name called Dai Viet before it was called Vietnam.

Why did Mark Zuckerberg came up with the name facebook?
He and his friend were making a social network and his friend was reading a book and he said to him "Get your face out of the book" and so at that moment he called it Facebook.

Who has Facebook tell me your name in Facebook and i will add you?
my facebook name is vincent tan kian poh !!

Facebook Texas holdem name change?
If playing the GameDesire version, create a new account on their website, then donate all chips from facebook account to new account name BEFORE you merge your new account and facebook account, otherwise you will LOSE ALL CHIPS.....then merge both accounts on their website, and then your new username will be used on the facebook app as well as their site itself

How do you put names on Facebook pictures?
That's Called Tagging! Click the "Tag this Photo" Button at the Bottom of the Photo, Click where you want the Name to appear and click there, then find the Name or write a Name of someone who is not on Facebook, When you are Done Click "Finished Tagging" and then its all done.

What was the name before NFL?
Before the NFL they called it the AFL

What was the name of the concept before it was called basketball?
It was called hoops.

Where is the url on Facebook?
Its located in the address bar it doesn't appear on your profile the name that you choose can be changed which is called the Display name. A URL cannot be changed.

Why Facebook called Facebook?
Facebook was originally called FaceMash in 2004, later on Mark bought the Domain Name TheFacebook.com and the later they dropped the the in fb. It was called FaceMash because Mark Hacked Harvards Network and Stole Alot Of Student Pictures and posted them on Facemash.com and when you were on it, 2 pics came u[p and you could choose which one was "Hotter"! Hope this helps!

How do you spell Facebook in spanish?
Facebook is a brand name. Brand names are rarely translated. The Spanish Facebook web page is called Facebook en español (Facebook in Spanish). There are joke logos on Facebook such as "Caralibro" (literal translation), "Libro de cara" (book of face) and another "Cara de Libro" [Face of Book). Each of these names have their own joke Facebook pages.

Is there a person called Michael Keltie?
Yes, there is a person that exist with such name as Michael Keltie. He has an account on Facebook and LinkedIn.

What was Northern Rhodesia called before it was called Northern Rhodesia?
It had no official name before Northern Rhodesia.

What was the name of Taiwan before it was called Taiwan?
Taiwan was called Formosa before receiving its tittle as Taiwan.

What Aston merrygolds Facebook name?
Yes he does have facebook his name on it is Aston Merrygoldz and it is also checked and verified by facebook.

What is Jaden Smiths name on Facebook?
His name on facebook is Jaden Smith

What is the name charlotte used on Facebook?
charlotte is a name that is used on facebook.

Can zero be a name for facebook?
Yes Zero can be a name on Facebook. You can customize the name as per your wish.

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